Petrol station of the future

The petrol station of the future will be able to offer customers a greater selection of services and a wide variety of fuels, including hydrogen. The exhibition is sponsored by the Empa research institute together with the automaker and hydrogen pioneer Hyundai.

The “alwaysinmotion” campaign is all about petrol stations. Fuel diversification is one of the mega trends that will influence the petrol stations of the future.

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Petrol station network

With more than 3,400 brand-name petrol stations, Switzerland boasts the largest and most concentrated petrol station network in Europe. No petrol stations = no mobility! And because petrol station shops are constantly adding new products and services to the range on offer, customers are drawn by much more than simply to fill up on fuel.

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Partnership with co2tieferlegen

co2tieferlegen is a campaign developed by EnergieSchweiz to promote energy-efficient vehicles. The Swiss Oil Industry Association has been a nationwide partner of co2tieferlegen ever since the launch of the campaign. As a result, the Swiss Oil Industry Association participates in discussions on how to find ways of continuing to reduce mobility-related CO2 emissions in the future.

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